Pray For The World

Hey everyone!
So today I decided to talk about the attacks after the attacks on Nice on 14 July.

The people express their sadness with hashtags all over social media like #prayforfrance #prayforturkey etc. But there are way too much hashtags right now that are used.
And even through that we can’t REALLY express how we feel, but there is almost no other way. I don’t like to put hashtags on with one specific country because I feel like I’m forgetting about another country.
Because it is not only our country or France that is suffering…
There are so much countries suffering right now, even if it is not for the same reason.egibpia

You see; we are stuck in the middle of a cycle between the gouvernement and the terrorists…
-Terrorists: “If you attack our country, we will attack yours!”
– Gouvernement: “If they attack us in our country, we will attack in their country!”
And the cycle won’t stop until something happens.
We are stuck in the middle.
I don’t know if they realize that?
Because the people that have nothing to say about it are the victims.
We can’t do anything but watch and be scared.

Maybe it’s weird, but I was panicking more at the beginning than now…
And I don’t want it to be that way, I don’t want it to become “Normal”.
Since the attacks I also don’t go out  with friends as much anymore and I became afraid of big places and evenements.
For example: My friend and I were going to Florida, but a week before the trip, the attacks on Brussels Airport happend.
I was so scared that firstly I didn’t want to go! Crazy right?! A trip to the USA!!
But luckily my friend and dad convinced me to go because it was an awesome experience!
I don’t want to be scared of that anymore, neither to be scared when I hear police sirens..

My dad says we just have to live and go out further and don’t be scared…
That is pretty difficult, but he is right…
We have to enjoy life, and even if it sounds weird and cliché but it’s true : we only live once…
And we have to try and get the best out of or lives!

Hoping everything will be ok…
Stay strong!
Kisses XXX


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  1. Amal Bkh says:

    Nice celia😜

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  2. Marouanebenslimane says:

    Mooi celia 😂

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